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                                                  The Benefits of Companionship?


                                                Prevent loneliness                                                         Avoid social isolation

                                                          Maintain social skills                                                    Increase a sense of purpose

                                                          Encourage healthy mental stimulation                         Stimulate positive thoughts 

                                                          Engage in memory exercises                                        Enjoy reminiscing

                A Reliable Companion You Can Trust

Having a reliable companion with you at home, your care facility, or outdoors makes certain you are always well taken care of. With our companionship services, we not only promote your safety but accommodate your emotional and social needs as well. We recognize the importance of having a dependable care partner you can trust. So, we strive to find you the right person who can provide quality of life.


                         Companionship Services Includes: 

                                              Doctor’s Appointments                                Running Errands

                                                      Meaningful Conversation                            Social Gatherings with Peers

                                                      Enjoying Hobbies                                        Facility Friend

                                                      Going for a Walk                                         Shopping

                                                      Exercise Partner                                          And more......

              Non-Emergent Transportation Companion Includes: 

                   Our Hearts transportation companion’s serve many functions, as we can drive or ride along with you to your doctors’                                                           appointments, pharmacy, and to make other errands. This service is included when you setup your care plan for home care

                   services. We offer transportation to places such as: Leaving a skilled nursing facility through our Transitions program. We can

                   ride along to a appointment, stores, park, family outing, church, rehab, hospital, beach, ect.

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