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Facility Sitter

Our Hearts Home Care & Staffing offers a facility staffing component, which provides supplemental sitters to facilities. This service may be requested by a LTC facility, ALF, memory unit, adult day care, hospital, clinic or family member seeking support in a facility for their loved one. Our goal is to provide short-term relief to optimize safety, provide support and minimize social isolation. 
Who can request a sitter?
A facility associate or family member may request a sitter to go out to any facility where their loved one or patient reside for one-on-one monitoring and support.  This unique service provide the right amount of safety for the client, and the facility. It was designed to help prevent falls, reduce the wait for help at the bedside, promote socialization, reduce isolation, and alert the staff when something is needed or wrong. Although this is a non-medical service, it would put your mind as a caretaker at ease knowing your loved one is not alone in a facility. 

Reducing Facility Liability:

Our carefully screened caregivers are able to sit, socialize and alert healthcare providers of potential falls, IV removals, foley removals, increased agitation, dietary intact and incontinence. We understand the healthcare caregiver shortage and have the necessary time to dedicate to a senior in need. With our support, we can make the staff aware of potential issues as simply as the client had a bowel movement sooner, providing a better response time which reduces skin breakdown. The benefit of this service it to assist with the prevention of falls, skin breakdown, re-dislocation of prosthetics, depression, failure to thrive, poor dietary intact, accidental removal of tubing and IV's, help with exist seekers, limiting the use of restraints and cell bell time reduction, providing more time for other who also need help. 

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