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Family Relief &
End of Life Support

Relieving the care duties of the family caregiver.

We understand the struggle that comes with caring for a loved one who may be experiencing the limitations of aging or a severe condition. Although caring for them can be fulfilling work, it may take a toll on you when you do not have adequate rest.

Enlist the help of our caregivers and have them deliver your duties while you get the rest or vacation you need. Respite care "relief" can provide you a well deserved break to attend to the errands and free time to relax or take care of personal needs. You can guarantee that our professionals are able to render the same quality of care you provide, assuring you that your loved ones are in capable hands.

Our family relief service can provide a temporary break from a few hours a day to overnight or a weeks time. 


Here are some common services provided during your relief. 

  • Companionship

  • Activities of daily living 

  • Meal preparation 

  • Homemaking services

  • Accompanying clients to run errands and appointments 

  • Social engagement 

Because you hold your family together, it’s okay to take a break. It is a known fact that taking a break to go out to dinner or partake in another enjoyable activity for a few hours, knowing their loved one is well cared for at home, can relieve stress and prevent burnout and strain.

We support end of life support through hospice


"Palliative Cares" is geared toward making a person feel comfortable when they are terminally ill, not to provide a cure. "Hospice" is known as a type of palliative care who are in the last stage of a terminal illness and who has decided not to seek curative treatment. We have designed a end of life program to work along side the palliative and hospice treatment you have in place. The purpose of this service is to focus on providing physical, emotional and spiritual support to the client and family. We have the tools to assist "in-place palliative and hospice programs" by alerting them when their are changes in mentality, skin and pain.


Our support of the End of Life service can take place in home or facility, working side-by-side with hospice services. We have time to spend with your loved one in their last months to days. We can assist your loved one with the following services: 

                 Complete non-pharmacological interventions                     Provide hygiene assistance   

                 Reduce isolation                                                                   Provide post-mortem care

                 Report increase confusion                                                    Provide emotional support to client and families

                 Report decrease eating habits                                               Fall prevention  

                 Document to help support hospice                                       Reduce multiple calls to hospice

Our family relief and end of Life support provides an overlay of care that maximizes support for the whole family, and hospice clients at the end of life. 

End of life Support 

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